Empowering people

Group Daenens creates opportunities for its employees and puts respect and appreciation for each individual first.

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The business group incorporated by Nico Daenens consists of a number of large and medium-sized service cheque companies, a service provider focussing on outsourcing experienced technicians, a social secretariat and a number of training centres. The business group has more than 14,000 blue-collar and over 500 white-collar workers.

For the day-to-day operations of the companies in the cluster Group Daenens, Nico Daenens can count on an experienced and committed team and on the dedication and enthusiasm of all employees.

The key to success
is the quality of all work relations and the supervision of our employees.

Group Daenens

Strongly believes that employment should be able to contribute to the empowerment of an individual.
“Empowering people” is therefore the creed within Group Daenens.

In service industries, good work relations (in the broadest sense) and the supervision of employees should contribute to high-quality employment.

Respect and appreciation are the guiding principles, but so are efficient processes, IT and facility support, back-office services, etc.

Nico Daenens at all times remains committed to sustainable, diverse and inclusive employment and is proud of his enthusiastic and enterprising employees.

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Group Daenens focuses on initiatives and opportunities to further expand and strengthen its range of services and assets.

With our service offer, we focus on:

  • facility services in the broadest possible sense (household help, professional cleaning, facility management, etc.),
  • human resources (coaching, training, payroll and payroll administration, outsourcing and temporary employment, etc.),
  • and all possible forms of care and support (family care and home care, home nursing, service flats, etc.).

The group is also happy to consult with organisations, institutions and companies that want to set up a cooperation or partnership or wish to explore new and innovative paths.

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Please don’t hesitate to contact us to get to know one another and explore the possibilities.